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   FIRST DAY OF          SCHOOL-     2014-2015 SCHOOL YEAR  AUGUST 14






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Frontier Elementary School

6691 Silverthorne Circle

Sacramento, CA 95842

Office Hours: 7:30-4:00

School Hours:  8:00-2:35

Late Start Wed.:  9:25-2:35

 Phone: (916) 566-1840

Fax: (916) 566-1841

Common Core Information

For information on the new Common Core Standards click here

Frontier's Teacher of the Year-Mrs. Wallace

Elaine Wallace TOY.jpg


Need Math Help?

Khan Academy is a great place to find help for math.


School Achievements

2009 No Child Left Behind -National Blue Ribbon School

2008 California Distinguished School

 2005-06 Title I Academic Achievement Award


Our Vision

 An unwavering focus on powerful and engaging learning experiences that prepare students for college, career and life success

California Treasures Language Arts Program

Our new language arts program is already being used at Frontier School.  It is a wonderful program with many different components to help your child to become a better reader and writer.  The website that accompanies the program is full of ideas, games, and activities that you can do with your child right at home.  

Click here to get to the

California Treasures website

and let the fun begin

Frontier School

The mission of the Frontier School Community is rooted in empowering students to meet their fullest potential by providing a safe environment, maintaining high academic and behavioral standards, and ...more

The Firebird Cookbooks are here!

 Click here to see the flier

Minimum Day

Friday, April 11

Dismiss 12:45


Lizzie Sider visits Frontier

Harvest Festival 2013

DSC_0342.JPG DSC_0343.JPG DSC_0344.JPG DSC_0345.JPG DSC_0346.JPG DSC_0347.JPG DSC_0348.JPG DSC_0349.JPG DSC_0350.JPG DSC_0351.JPG DSC_0352.JPG DSC_0353.JPG DSC_0354.JPG DSC_0355.JPG DSC_0356.JPG DSC_0357.JPG DSC_0358.JPG DSC_0359.JPG DSC_0360.JPG DSC_0361.JPG DSC_0362.JPG DSC_0363.JPG DSC_0364.JPG DSC_0365.JPG DSC_0366.JPG DSC_0367.JPG DSC_0368.JPG DSC_0369.JPG DSC_0370.JPG DSC_0371.JPG DSC_0372.JPG DSC_0373.JPG DSC_0374.JPG DSC_0375.JPG DSC_0376.JPG DSC_0377.JPG DSC_0378.JPG DSC_0379.JPG DSC_0380.JPG DSC_0381.JPG DSC_0382.JPG DSC_0383.JPG DSC_0384.JPG DSC_0385.JPG DSC_0386.JPG DSC_0387.JPG DSC_0388.JPG DSC_0389.JPG DSC_0390.JPG DSC_0391.JPG DSC_0392.JPG

Red Ribbon Week

IMG_020.jpg IMG_001.jpg IMG_002.jpg IMG_005.jpg IMG_006.jpg IMG_008.jpg IMG_009.jpg IMG_010.jpg IMG_011.jpg IMG_012.jpg IMG_013.jpg IMG_014.jpg IMG_015.jpg IMG_019.jpg

Jump Rope for Technology Winners

Grand Total: $4,933.23!!!!!

jump rope for technology winners.jpg

Frontier Field Day 2013

DSC_0270.JPG DSC_0271.JPG DSC_0272.JPG DSC_0273.JPG DSC_0274.JPG DSC_0275.JPG DSC_0276.JPG DSC_0277.JPG DSC_0278.JPG DSC_0279.JPG DSC_0280.JPG DSC_0281.JPG DSC_0282.JPG DSC_0283.JPG DSC_0284.JPG DSC_0285.JPG

Frontier Dance Festival 2013

DSC_0217.JPG DSC_0218.JPG DSC_0219.JPG DSC_0220.JPG DSC_0221.JPG DSC_0222.JPG DSC_0223.JPG DSC_0224.JPG DSC_0225.JPG DSC_0226.JPG DSC_0227.JPG DSC_0228.JPG DSC_0229.JPG DSC_0230.JPG DSC_0231.JPG DSC_0232.JPG DSC_0233.JPG DSC_0234.JPG DSC_0235.JPG DSC_0236.JPG DSC_0237.JPG DSC_0238.JPG DSC_0239.JPG DSC_0240.JPG DSC_0241.JPG DSC_0242.JPG DSC_0243.JPG DSC_0244.JPG DSC_0245.JPG DSC_0246.JPG DSC_0251.JPG DSC_0252.JPG DSC_0253.JPG DSC_0254.JPG DSC_0255.JPG DSC_0256.JPG DSC_0257.JPG DSC_0258.JPG DSC_0259.JPG DSC_0260.JPG DSC_0261.JPG DSC_0262.JPG DSC_0263.JPG DSC_0264.JPG DSC_0265.JPG DSC_0266.JPG DSC_0267.JPG DSC_0268.JPG DSC_0269.JPG

Frontier Family Skate Night

2013 skate night 009.JPG 2013 skate night 010.JPG 2013 skate night 012.JPG 2013 skate night 015.JPG 2013 skate night 022.JPG 2013 skate night 036.JPG 2013 skate night 009.JPG 2013 skate night 010.JPG 2013 skate night 012.JPG 2013 skate night 015.JPG 2013 skate night 022.JPG 2013 skate night 036.JPG 2013 skate night 034.JPG 2013 skate night 032.JPG 2013 skate night 040.JPG 2013 skate night 048.JPG 2013 skate night 059.JPG 2013 skate night 068.JPG

Frontier students and families celebrate fantastic

test scores at Foothill Skate Inn

bucket filler picture.jpg

April Reminders

April 3    School Site Council     3:30-4:45 Rm. 15
April 10  Frontier Skate Night   Foothill Skate 6-8 PM
April 14-21

      Spring Break-       NO SCHOOL

April 22 School Starts Again


May reminders

May 2 Jump Rope for Technology Day
May 2 Movie Night
May 19-22 Book Fair
May 21 Open House
26 NO SCHOOL Memorial Day
29 Dance Festival
30 Intermediate Field Day


June Reminders

June 6 Primary Field Day
June 10 Kindergarten Field Day
June 11 6th grade promotion 1:30
June 12 Last Day Dismiss 12:45



Today: 4/17/14

Frontier celebrates Read Across America Day

Ellen Dr. Seuss Day.jpg


Mrs. Dobler is Frontier's Classified Employee of the Year

Mrs. Dobler.jpg

Tyler Whitesides

DSC00886.jpg DSC00889.jpg DSC00891.jpg DSC00896.jpg DSC00904.jpg DSC00910.jpg DSC00911.jpg DSC00912.jpg DSC00913.jpg DSC00914.jpg DSC00915.jpg DSC00916.jpg DSC00920.jpg DSC00922.jpg DSC00929.jpg DSC00931.jpg DSC00936.jpg DSC00939.jpg DSC00942.jpg


Box Tops for Education

Save those Box Top coupons. Just put the Box Tops in a baggie with your child's name and his/her teacher's name. Have your child give it to his/her teacher. Each class is competing for a prize. The ...more

Frontier T-shirts and Sweatshirts

Order your new T-shirts and sweatshirts now.

Click here to view a picture or print out an order form.


Spring Break
Twin Rivers’ schools are closed for spring break Monday, April 14—Monday, April 21. The District Office will be open to the public Monday, April 14—Wednesday, April 16 and closed Thursday, April 17—Monday, April 21. We will... Continue
Posted by: Charlene VanAllen
Published: 4/11/14

TR Launches Aggressive Plan for HVAC Installation
Twin Rivers Unified School District has unveiled an aggressive plan for installing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units in two schools—Grant Union High School and Harmon Johnson Elementary. T he new five-month effort is be... Continue
Posted by: Charlene VanAllen
Published: 4/10/14